CYSA Section: 4:06:03 Any team which, through its responsible officials, officers, or representative, attempts to induce a registered player of any team under the jurisdiction of this Association to leave his/her team before the end of the current year shall be deemed to have committed an offense for poaching and shall be dealt with by the Board of Directors of this Association.


A coach may not, at any time directly on indirectly, approach a player for recruitment purposes that is registered on a team.  This is both via oral and written communication. 

            The coach cannot, at any time, be represented by third party (administrator, coach, parent, or player) to recruit players. Acceptable practice includes the public notification of the team try-out (e.g. San Jose Mercury Venture Section, League web sites).

Natural progression within the club teams to advance the players is encouraged and should follow the club/league policies.  The league disciplinary committee should handle any internal issues.

Recruitment shall be defined as:

Making first contact with a player or parent from another team/club/league to discuss their program with the intent to recruit.

Discussing their program with a player or parent from another team/club/league (after being contacted first) without notifying the parents of the District II policies and providing information regarding the appropriate league program in their "home" area.

Using current players to persuade players from other teams/clubs/leagues to transfer.

Providing incentives to players such as reductions in fees, trips, uniforms and other equipment.

Using a position of authority to persuade or coerce a player to transfer. This may include adults involved with the District ODP program, adults involved with clinics and soccer schools, adults involved with High School programs or other nonaffiliated programs such as indoor soccer.

Violation of the recruiting prohibition shall be sanctioned as follows:

First offense, the Coach will be suspended from CYSA related activities for 90 days.  Depending on circumstances the PAD committee may chose to further disciplinary actions.

Second offense, the coach will be suspended from CYSA related activities for 180 days. Depending on circumstances the PAD committee may chose to further disciplinary actions.

Third offense, two-year suspension.

CYSA related activities include games, practices, team training assignments or any Board position. 

Violations shall be considered as valid with confirming proof including additional witnesses to the alleged violation. No written documentation shall be required. The appropriate District II PAD shall adjudicate such violations. Due process as per PAD procedures shall be in force. Alleged violations should be reported in writing to the League as well as to the Assistant District Commissioner.

Each alleged violation shall be reviewed and shall be passed along to the appropriate District II PAD for investigation and adjudication.

Respective leagues shall be responsible for the actions of their competitive programs. All violations shall be reported to the Assistant District Commissioner for further action including sanctions against the responsible leagues.

Dave Mann,

District II Commissioner