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SCCYSL Constitution and By-Laws

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Last amended December 2011 AGM

Article 1:01
1:01:01 This League shall be known as the Santa Cruz County Youth Soccer League


Article 1:02
Purpose and Bounderies

1:02:01 The purpose of this league shall be to develop, promote and administer the game of soccer among youth (boys and girls under nineteen [19] years of age) within Santa Cruz County


  1:02:02 The northern and eastern boundaries conform to Santa Cruz County lines. At the southeastern point where Monterey County meets Santa Cruz County, the southern boundary moves west along the Santa Cruz County line past Aromas. At Murphy Road the boundary travels south to San Juan Road and continues south to Highway 101. The boundary travels in a southwesterly direction on Highway 101 to Route 156, at Prunedale. Moving in a westerly direction Route 156 meets the southern end of Castroville Blvd and continues west to the coast. The coastline is the western boundary all the way up to the San Mateo County Line.


  1:02:03 The governing authority of this League may create geographical sub-divisions within the territory, which shall be known as clubs.


Article 1:04
1:04:01 This League shall be an affiliated branch of and comply with the authority of the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA), the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and the United States Soccer federation (USSF), and shall affiliate with other organizations, as it deems necessary, in the furtherance of community soccer.  Added 2010 AGM


Article 1:05
1:05:01 The League shall be governed by its Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations except when those are superseded by CYSA, USYSA or USSF.


  1:05:02 The governing authority of this League whose power shall be vested with the Board of Directors of this League.


Article 1:06
1:06:01 The members of this League shall consist of each member of the Board of Directors, each elected member of the six (6) designated Clubs and each coach or team representative of each affiliated team, which has participated in the current season.


Article 1:07
1:07:01 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members shall be held in November 1 - March 15 of each year in Santa Cruz County at a time and place set by the League Board.


  1:07:02 A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of those members present at the meeting.The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call

C. Accept Minutes of previous AGM

D. Reports:

1. President

2. Treasurer

3. Other Board Members

4. Committees and others

E. Unfinished Business

F. Proposals for change of Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

G. Election of Officers

H. New Business

I. Adjournment

  1:07:03 Each member present at the meeting shall be entitled to one vote. The President shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie.


  1:07:04 Decisions made at this meeting shall be by majority vote of the members present except that any amendment of the Constitution, By-Laws or Rules and Regulations shall be by affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present.


Article 1:08
1:08:01 Any amendment to these By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of this League shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at the Annual General meeting or any legally held meeting called for the purpose of considering amendments to the By-Laws and/or Rules and Regulations and at which a quorum is present.


Article 2:01
2:01:01 All players must be properly registered with the League before playing, which includes any practice session.


2:01:02 All boys and girls under the age of nineteen (19) shall be allowed to play, subject to any suspensions or restrictions imposed by the Board of Directors from time to time.


  2:01:03 All players shall abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of this League and all applicable rules and regulations of the organizations with which this League is affiliated.


Article 2:02
Board of Directors
2:02:01 The governing board of this League shall be the Board of Directors which shall conduct the business affairs of the League and shall be composed of the following:

1. President: who shall be the chief executive officer of the League shall conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the members and shall cast a vote only in a case of a tie; shall appoint temporary committees when the need arises; and shall be the official liaison with CYSA.

2. Vice President: who, in the absence of the President shall preside at meetings and act as President; make up and maintain game schedules, reschedule postponed games, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

3. Secretary: who shall keep accurate record of meetings of the Board of Directors and members; all correspondence.

4. Treasurer: who shall maintain all accounts, receive income and bills, prepare payments, and maintain all financial records and reports.

The term of office for the Treasurer shall be different than other Board members in order to coincide with the filing of the tax forms. For the Treasurer only, the term of office shall be from April 1 to March 31. As with all other offices, the election of the treasurer shall occur at the AGM, but for the treasurer only, office is assumed on April 1st.

5. Coaches Representative: who shall hold coaches meetings as needed and represent the coaches at the meeting of the Board of Directors. Coordinate countywide State Coaches Clinics.

6. Referee Coordinator: who shall hold referee meetings, conduct clinics and supervise the conduct of the referees. Coordinate referee scheduling for District Cup.

7. Registrar: who shall keep an accurate record of all players and teams registered in theLeague and be responsible for filing the required registration forms to CYSA.

8. Tournament Coordinator: who shall handle the Santa Cruz Classic if sanctioned; if not sanctioned, position is terminated until sanction approval.

9. D2 Tournament Coordinator: responsible for coordinating referees, field marshals, and check-in for District Cup tournaments. Will be the liaison for SCCYSL regarding district cup.

10. Communications Director: who shall be responsible to insure the latest information is available to support SCCYSL. Who shall create and maintain SCCYSL WEB site. Who will coordinate the latest information and links. The WEB will accommodate all clubs and league events such as referee & coaches clinics, registration, league and club schedules, links to our six clubs and district, class I & III coach/team information, etc.

11. Spring Soccer Coordinator: who shall represent Santa Cruz County Soccer League at all Spring Soccer meetings.

12. CCSL Representative: who shall represent Santa Cruz County Soccer League at all Class 3 CCSL meetings and coordinate all teams playing within C3PL.

13. Past President: Term is limited to one year. The outgoing president shall hold this position. He/she is not considered a director but shall act in the capacity of advisor to the current Board of Directors. He/she shall not have full voting power as a member of the Board of Directors.

14. Six Club Presidents: who shall set up a Club Board to handle registration, arrange for teams and coaches; acquire team sponsors; be in charge of all general administrative duties within their respective clubs. The club presidents shall be elected at their club Annual General Meetings.

The club bounderies are described as follows:

Club #01 Santa Cruz City Youth Soccer Club:
Comprised of Santa Cruz City, Happy Valley, Bonny Doon & Davenport Elementary School Districts.

Club #02 Mid County Youth Soccer Club:
Comprised of Live Oak, Mountain and Soquel Elementary School Districts.

Club #03 Aptos Youth Soccer Club:
Comprised of Aptos High School District.

Club #04 Scotts Valley/San Lorenzo Valley Youth Soccer Club:
Comprised of San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, Scotts Valley and Loma Prieta Elementary School Districts.

Club #05 Pajaro Valley Youth Soccer Club:
Comprised of Watsonville High School and Rolling Hills Jr. High School Districts.

Club #06 Santa Cruz County Breakers:
Comprised of all Santa Cruz teams registered as Division 1 teams. All players who play on Class 1 teams in the League are registered through this club.  This Club may have a representative of each of the geographic areas defined by the other five (5) club boundaries on its governing board.  A Club that wants a representative on this Club must express its intention and communicate the representative's name to the Club Board and the League by February 15 of each year.

Club #07 Top Soccer

  2:02:02 The Board of Directors shall have exclusive responsibilities for the following, in addition to or as part of the normal legal responsibilities of the Board: Enforcing and interpreting the Articles, By-Laws Rules and Regulations of this League and making recommendations to the members of the League for their amendment as needed.

1. The creation of geographical areas within Santa Cruz County for the operation of the games and competitions within this League, and the modification thereof, as it deems necessary.

2. Oversee the selecting of the coaches by the clubs for all affiliated teams. Club governing boards shall select their coaches, subject to the advice and consent of the league.  Added 2010 AGM.  No coach who has served in any previous season shall have a right to be appointed a coach in a subsequent year unless he/she is selected by the Club's governing board. Coaches shall be selected on the ability to teach the techniques and rules of soccer, to manage their players as a team and to display and teach good sportsmanship.

3. Oversee the Clubs in their supervision of team coaches and ensuring that teams are being coached in a satisfactory manner, consistent with sportsmanship, good soccer and the best interests of the players; shall have the power to make appropriate investigations into these matters, to establish corrective measures to be followed by the parties concerned, and to remove a coach of a team if the provisions are not followed.

4. Having ultimate responsibility for all duties assigned to the officers of the League.


2:02:03 The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the members of the League at its Annual General Meeting and shall take office when elected (except as noted previously for Treasurer). Any vacancy on the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the Board of Directors as soon as possible.


  2:02:04 Any member of the Board absent from three (3) successive meetings of the Board of Directors without just cause is subject to removal from office by affirmative vote of the members of the Board of Directors present at a meeting at which there is a quorum. A Director may be removed from office for any reason by vote of at least (2/3) of the directors of the Board.


  2:02:05 At no time shall more than 33% of the members of the Board of Directors be composed of individuals who are related to a single team or a single geographic club. For purpose of this paragraph, the term "related to" shall mean acting as a member, officer, or Board member of the entity, coaching a team registered under that entity or being a parent or guardian of a child who plays on a team registered under such entity. The 33% rule shall be applicable to all affiliated clubs.  In addition, the limitation will apply where such member is “related to” more than one Club (i.e., the limitation percentage would apply to those clubs whose member is “related to” such club or clubs).  Added 2010 AGM.


Article 2:03
2:03:01 Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be once a month, the first Tuesday of each month, except December when there is no meeting and January, which follows the AGM.


  2:03:02 Special meetings may be called by the President or by five (5) members of the Board in the same manner as for regular meetings.

The Board of Directors with a $100.00 fine will penalize clubs Not Represented at schedule League meetings. Fines will be due at next scheduled League meeting. Clubs not paying fines nor attending scheduled League meetings will be denied league/club play.


Article 2:04
2:04:01 At all meetings of the Board of Directors, fifty one percent (51%) of the Board of Directors membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All decisions shall be taken by affirmative vote of a majority of thosemembers present at a meeting at which there is a quorum.


Article 3:01
Authorities and Responsibilities
3:01:01 The California Youth Soccer Association "General Procedures" and "Specific Rules" are to be followed subject to the following additions and/or modifications contained herein.


3:01:02 Each team shall be responsible for the conduct of its players and coaches and it is the responsibility of each team to insure that its actions on or off the field does not bring disrespect upon this League.


Article 3:02
3:02:01 No person shall play or practice in this League until a properly completed registration form has been submitted to the proper authority and officially processed.


  3:02:02 Players shall be assigned to teams by the respective Area/Club coordinator based upon the then current policies of the Board of Directors.


  3:02:03 Each player shall be prepared to present proof of registration to the referee if asked on a condition to playing in a League game.


  3:02:04 Each player shall be prepared to present written proof of age to any League Official at any time.


  3:02:05 The Board of Directors shall have the power to suspend registration of players at any time and for any period. During said period of suspension, players may be registered and assigned to teams only in cases of hardship to be determined by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.


  3:02:06 It is the goal of the League to maintain age purity. The League will automatically allow up to 3 players playing up one year. No team may register more than 3 players playing up one year or any player playing up more than one year without prior approval of the Club Board in which the team is registered.


Article 3:03
3:03:01 All class 1, 2 and 3 coaches shall have prior to the beginning of the first season minimum of an "F" license. All second year coaches shall have a minimum of an "E" license.


  3:03:02 Any individual who was convicted of or pleads guilty to a crime of moral turpitude or is a registered sex offender is prohibited from coaching or managing youth soccer team under our jurisdiction. If the individual is convicted or pleads guilty, or becomes a registered sex offender while actively coaching or managing, the League may remove the individual from the position of coach or manager once the conviction, plea or registration as a sex offender occurs.


Article 3:04
3:04:01 The League will do its best to schedule a qualified referee for each game. In the event a qualified referee is not available, a substitute referee will be used after being agreed upon by both coaches.


  3:04:02 The referee shall report the results of the game, team personnel, goal scorers and any violations of the rules and regulations to the League Referee Coordinator on the Referee Official Form at the earliest opportunity.


Article 3:05
Protests and Appeals of Club Level Protests
3:05:01 Only matters specified in the League's
disciplinary procedures or violations of the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of this League or of the CYSA, or misapplication of the Laws of the Game shall be a considered proper subject for protest or appeal.


  3:05:02 Any protest or club level appeals of a protest permitted by these rules and regulations shall be delivered in writing to the League within seven (7) calendar days of the event or club decision of the event being protested, together with a non-refundable fee of $25.00.


  3:05:03 Any protest shall be heard by a protest committee to include the President (or such person designated by him/her) and two members of the Board of Directors. The protest committee shall consider all pertinent information arising out of the protest and shall make its decision within seven (7) days following the delivery of protest to the League. The decision shall be delivered to the protesting party personally or shall be mailed to him/her within 24 hours of the decision.



The decision of the protest committee shall be final. An appeal may be made to USSF National Appeals Committee per USSF Bylaw 705.



No member of the Leagues Protest Committee shall be a coach, manager or parent of any team in the Division whose team is involved in the protest.


Article 3:06
Disciplinary Procedures
3:06:01 Subject to the League's disciplinary procedures and safeguards, CYSA Disciplinary rulings and suggested penalties are to be used as guidelines except that the following penalties are mandatory:

1. A player or coach ejected (red card) by the referee for misconduct shall receive a one (1) game suspension.

2. A player or coach receiving his/her 3rd and each successive caution (yellow card) in one season shall receive a one (1) game suspension.

3. A player or coach receiving two (2) ejections in one season will automatically have to appear before the appropriate disciplinary committee.

4. Any coach whose team receives three (3) ejections in one season shall appear before the appropriate disciplinary committee.

5. The appropriate disciplinary committee may choose to increase the degree of penalty according to the gravity of the offense.


Article 3:07

At Division 3 and Division 4 (recreation) level each player present and physically able shall play for at least one half (1/2) of the game, except that a coach may discipline players by restricting them from play, providing the referee and opposing coach are notified prior to the start of the game.


Article 3:08
Format of Play

The Board of Directors will, after analyzing the number of teams in each division and after player registration; determine the format of play for that division.