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Here are the
Rules Governing the League AGM on
Monday 1/7/2002,
7:30pm at Tony and Alba's on 41st.

Eligible voters will first check in with Debbie Pereira and Mary South at a table near the entrance. Members of the League who can vote are:

  • The Board of Directors of the League,
  • The Presidents of each of the 6 Clubs, and
  • Each coach or team representative of each affiliated team.

Each voting member present at the meeting shall be entitled to one vote.

If a coach is also a Board member, a team rep could cast a vote for his/her team. But again, only one vote per member.

All voting will be by secret ballot and Mary South will count and record the votes for the minutes.

After checking in , elegible voters will have their hand stamped and the meeting will begin. Kathy Parenti will run the meeting in my absence(I am out of the Country starting tomorrow). Besides interest in the ballot proposals, we also have a job to do here: ELECT A NEW LEAGUE BOARD. Last year, we did not fill our D2 Cup Coordinator position. We also need to schedule another D2 Cup meeting since we are hosting it on January 26 and 27 in Morgan Hill. In closing, we can all agree to disagree on some issues, but when the meeting is over, we need to move on and work together for the youth players and the good of the game.


Larry Biggam, 2001 SCCYSL President

Please pass this to your Club coaches